Our customers have trusted us for a long time to carry out practices such as renewal of boat licenses, RTF certificates, insurance, leasing, RINA certifications and much more.

We vet and promptly communicate news, weather-sea reports, orders from the Harbor Master's Office, Portofino Park regulations and everything that our customers need to remain on top of things, providing them a constant flow of information.

We also carry out in complete autonomy practices such as revisions of self-inflating rafts, fire extinguishers, on-board equipment. To guarantee the best possible service, we rely on specialized and authorized companies in accordance with EEC regulations.

Our qualified staff attends updating courses every year. We carry out carpentry works in wood and VTR, on-board electronics and electrical installations. For the maintenance of inboard and outboard motors, power generators and electrical systems, we rely on authorized mechanical workshops.

We use first choice and high-qualitt products and materials, keeping up with the times and innovations. We pay particular attention to the environment, and in doing so we use as much biodegradable and low environmental impact products as possible.