Tips for the tour

Useful tips before leaving for the boat trip in the Gulf of Tigullio: 

  • keep protective sun creams on you;
  • sunglasses are a must have;
  • equip yourself with masks and tube to snorkel and  view our beautiful seabed and the Christ of the Abyss in San Fruttuoso;
  • bring an underwater cam for unforgettable shots - to participate in any free giveaways, take a nice photo of yourself / our boat / the location you're visiting, and post it on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook, with the hashtag "#cantierisantorsola" ;
  • pair your device with a music speaker and have the music accompany you at sea;
  • wear a hat and a light t-shirt during the hottest hours to avoid sunburns and sunstroke;
  • have a stick in your backpack for jellyfish burns - bring the minimum necessary because the stowage spaces on board are limited;
  • make sure your backpack and beach bags have closed pockets;
  • remember the beach and bath towels;
  • do not drink milk before going to sea because it is not very digestible and could bother you;
  • for on board picnics, fresh, light foods nd water are recommended, therefore fruit and vegetables, sandwiches or the typical focaccia; to deal with a queasy stomach we recommend salty snacks such as craker or breadsticks to help in case of malaise;
  • if you know you are a bit seasick or it's your first time on a boat, wear the appropriate bracelets or take the seasickness tablet;
  • having some cash in your wallet is always useful for any tips and to pay the fuel top-up at the end of the lease; the buoys of San Fruttuoso and Punta Chiappa require a fee (€ 10 per day). Credit or debit cards, on the other hand, are welcome at local restaurants and for the payment of the rental of the pleasure boat, before going out.
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