Boat Storage

Carasco Boat Storage and Repair Yard

In the new storage area recently opened in Carasco - a few kilometers from the port of Chiavari and Lavagna - we offer winter storage services in our own dedicated facilities.

Our boat storage and repair yard area is divided into a 2000 m2  covered area and an approximately 1500 m2 uncovered area, designed and set up to carry out maintenance work of all kinds, from painting to painting by spray or brush, as well as carpentry work in wood and others.

Particular attention was paid to reducing the impact of the remittances and the construction site on the surrounding environment. In fact, all our structures have been set up in such a way as to allow the recovery of the cleaning and wintering engine water inside special tanks, where the water is purified before being released into the environment.

To prevent the emission of fine particles and other polluting particles into the air, we use special vacuum cleaners that retain the harmful components before releasing the air into the atmosphere.

Specialized assistance on the mechanical, electrical and electronic parts on board, take place in complete synch with authorized workshops associated to us.

San Michele di Pagana

Cantieri Sant'Orsola was founded some decades ago in San Michele di Pagana.