Cinque terre

Navigazione: 120 m.

Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Marola, Riomaggiore... 5 towns, one amazing boat trip.

To fully enjoy the full beauty of the 5 Terre, our advice is always to go there by train for a long weekend or a relaxing week. Take all the time to discover the paths, stairways and views, the vineyards perched and supported by the typical dry stone walls - 4,200 cubic meters of walls about 2 meters high per hectare, make it a radius greater than that of the Earth. Unbelievable!

journey by boat to the 5 Terre leaving from the Gulf of Tigullio is not an everyday thing and the result could be the opposite of what was hoped for. Surely the pictures you'll take there will make up an unforgettable postcard for the rest of your life; moreover, being able to say that you dived in the crystal-clear waters off the 5 Terre Natural Park is priceless - and a priceless experience to live.

A boat tour of the Cinque Terre will, however, leave you tired after a long day at sea. The tour requires leaving early in the morning to return in the evening almost at sunset. Moreover, inside the Natural Park there are rules to be respected: our tour boats must always maintain a cruising speed of 5 knots along the sightseeing route, on top of the the long journey there and to the even longer return journey to Santa Margherita Ligure.

During your boat tour to the Cinque Terre, anchoring is allowed only in Monterosso al Mare and landing on the ground is feasible only in Vernazza, always depending on the availability of the mooring buoys in front of the bay.

We therefore advise you to visit the Cinque Terre over a longer period, perhaps after a nice boat tour to discover the hidden and not-so-hidden beauties of the Gulf of Tigullio. Check our availability and our other boat tours: you will certainly find an option for you!