Navigazione: 10 m.

A small fairytale bay ensconced between Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure, Paraggi has the only beach of fine white sand in the whole Tigullio Gulf.

As much as Paraggi in itself may seem at first glance only a row of houses behind the beach, we recommend anyone that's renting a boat from us to take the time for even a short boat trip in the bay of Paraggi.

With its crystalline green waters that reflect the luxuriant hills overlooking the sea and its seabed rich in corals, sea fans and starfish, a boat trip to Paraggi is a must for sightseeing or a quiet swim without having to worry about passing boats.

The innermost part of the bay is in fact closed to boat traffic; on your boat trip to Paraggi, you may then put down anchor outside the protective catenary and explore the rest of the bay by diving into the waters yourself.