Punta Chiappa

Navigazione: 35 m.

A long tongue of pudding rock, the tip of which protrudes over the sea from the Portofino Promontory, separates the Golfo Paradiso from that of the Tigullio.

Tourists may reach Punta Chiappa by sea with one of our rental boats or through the romantic path that descends from the church of San Rocco to the ancient fishing village of Porto Pidocchio, where you may take a break to enjoy some great fish dishes at local restaurants, or dive into the past and traditions of the place in the local museum.

If you want to admire one of the most beautiful sunsets that Liguria has to offer, you cannot miss taking a boat trip to Punta Chiappa.

We also recommend renting one of our boats for an excursion to Punta Chiappa to all diving and snorkeling enthusiasts: thanks to its position and the shape of its seabed rich in boulders and ravines, it is the ideal environment for groupers, amberjacks, glances, sea bream and octopuses, not to mention a vast array of seadbed flora.

If you are lucky during your tour in parca in Punta Chiappa, you may well glimpse a family of dolphins swimming alongside you or accompanying you during a calm navigation through these wonderful waters.