Navigazione: 40 m.

Town perched on the sea on the western edge of the Monte di Portofino Natural Park.

Camogli can be reached by boat from Santa Margherita Ligure in about 30 minutes of navigation.

This enchanting fishermen town is an ideal last stop for those who choose to take a boat tour of the natural park of Monte di Portofino. After the hidden coves that hide Portofino and San Fruttuoso from sight until the last moment, Camogli's will surprise you.

Visiting Camogli on a boat trip, in fact, you will find yourself craning your neck ever upwards! This unique seaside village, perched in the splendid setting of the Golfo Paradiso, climbs with its huge and colorful rows of houses for many levels on the side of Mount Portofino, as if the town itself were also built in terraces.

As you approach Camogli by boat you will immediately notice its castle perched on a rock eroded by the waves, truly unmistakable to the eye.